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G9 - Building positive business relationships

Designed for:


All who interface with people as part of their daily jobs. This could be other employees – your boss – your subordinates – your peers, or external people – clients, agencies, customers etc.


The Benefits:


By the end of the course you will:

  • have polished up your communication skills.
  • be able to turn those negative relationships into incredibly positive ones.
  • find that your new skills enhance all aspects of your life.
  • discover that business flourishes because it is now built on superb positive relationships.

Course Aims:


It can be hugely underestimated just how important business relationships are. Business can be gained and lost purely on the basis of incompatibility between people.


We are not talking “chatting during a round of golf” – but simple tools and techniques that you can develop and use to make business flow much smoother.


How do you deal with “Mr Arrogant” or “Miss Bossy”? This course will help you.


Topics covered:

  • Different types of business relationships.
  • Identifying those relationship that feel “difficult” to manage.
  • How to build positive relationships with everyone with whom you interface.
  • The course will include lots of role-playing, so that you leave the course feeling better able to tackle those problem relationships.

Dates available:     Contact for further information


Location:                 Rogers International Centre (refreshments and lunch included)


Fee:                           £120 plus VAT per delegate.



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